Birds and flowers all agree That you are just the one for me I wish you a very lovely Valentine’s Day filled with warmth and friendship!!! I also wish I could tell you who designed this beautiful Valentine’s Day themed fabric that my new pincushion sits upon. But since I bought it as a … Continue Reading

My car is a little a lot old. He’s taking a bit of a rest; it is well deserved. He’s been the best to me. For years. And years. I hope he is resting well at the shop. Since they won’t even get to look at him until tomorrow, it’ll give him that much more … Continue Reading

Easter. The BIG Miracle. A day for rejoicing! AND a day to celebrate life. Having a little lot of fun coloring eggs, decorating, cooking, sharing with those I love, a bonus blessing!   Max is always bored… This was lunch the day after… some leftovers from Easter dinner, yum. I lined up my lovely Emma … Continue Reading

It makes no sense…a (probably) random hacking into my green dot studio. Not the REAL studio, just this little blog’s website. Months ago. In the fall before snow hit the pumpkin. Time marches on. Thanks to my tech guru, restoration has been achieved. There are a few things still to be done, and a few … Continue Reading

Were your trick-or-treaters out in last evenings rain? The weatherman needs to work on the timing thing. Earlier in the week, it was so beautiful … I found myself taking a photo of the very blue, sunshiny sky. It seldom gets this deep shade of perfect blue here in the heart of Michigan. And against … Continue Reading

  As the color outside turns from green to red, yellow and orange, thoughts of comfort (especially sweet) food show up without fail! Yesterday I thought about chocolate :-),  thereby I decided to bake brownies. From scratch. You know, the really good ones, the ones that dirty all the bowls, spoons, measuring cups, etc. etc. … Continue Reading

IKEA. Have you experienced IKEA? It’s  a treat. It’s certainly an adventure.   Yup. Crazy. All kinds of people, children in tow, buzzing along, looking, browsing, on missions, maybe even there just for the entertainment! It is SO big, there are arrows on the floor to show you the way. Start on the second floor. … Continue Reading

Hope your Fourth of July was filled with celebration, family, friends and love.   It was a stupendous day! A winning day for sure, even 1st place for the ice cream truck float in the boat parade!

  We’re moving along over here. Yes, spring is s.l.o.w. to come, but a begonia from Horrock’s Nursery helps contribute to the illusion of spring-is-here-at-long-last! And the lilac has finally decided to grace us with full bloom beauty. So, we KNOW you are there spring . . . come on and stay awhile!

Hmmmm…just the other day, there were so many beautiful blossoms on so many trees. Spring had arrived! Yet, wind and cold air have created a scene that looks too much like snow! And the last couple of days have not helped matters. It’s been a little too cold for May. Even frost warnings. What is … Continue Reading