Ever notice how one thing leads to another?

I DID miss yesterday’s mail, so I sat around and looked at the colors of the new greeting card. . .

This is a color combination I don’t use much.  I was thinking about it since last week’s post about the crocus and making a card. On Saturday I must admit, although I have a perfectly good, perfectly large, (who am I kidding here, a perfectly GIANT stash of fabric); a short trip to buy bins in the process of working towards order in my green dot studio . . . (a  WHOLE other story), led me to the fat quarter bin, JUST IN CASE I MIGHT NEED A COUPLE MORE pieces of fabric. And it IS spring now. But since NOT “springy” at all outdoors — what better than to bring home two perfectly beautiful, scrumptiously delicious pieces of all cotton beauty in 18″ squares?  Late yesterday I went shopping in my stash to find a few more pieces to add to the color vignette. Found a quilted Laura Ashley plaid, a light green upholstery piece, and fun green and white ball trim!

So on plopped my new greeting card, on plopped a  flower pick or two, add my new freshly pressed pile of quilting fabrics, and inspiration will (hopefully) plop into my mind as to what to create out of this.  I can’t wait.  This is the part I LOVE!!!!!