Hey, hey world!  ANOTHER warm and sunny day in mid-Michigan! Doesn’t my TONE even sound happier?

It’s been a lovely weekend.  All three Misters C went away on a fishing trip so I got to do a few girlie things…no dishes, (only leftovers and frozen meals for THIS girl), some shopping, some putzing, a LITTLE gardening, lots of SEWING!!!!   . . . and letting the cat in, then out, then in, then out, you know what I mean.

I’m so excited about my new feet!!!!!  Saturday’s excursion to Country Stitches resulted in two brand new feet.  You DO know I’m referring to feet for my Pfaff sewing machine, right?

There’s the 1/4 inch guided foot that has a little edge on it to keep me in line.  I LOVE doing precision work, but must admit I’m getting a little rusty (more on that later).  So this foot is exactly what the doctor ordered.  (That’s what I’m telling Mister C at least.)

Then I also came home with an adjustable guided foot.  Much of my sewing seems to be making tote bags that I design.  Since I don’t use a pattern, it’s easier on my mathematically challenged mind to stick to 1/2 inch seam allowances.  Since my machine isn’t marked very “vividly”, now I can set this foot at 1/2 inch and voila, my seams are right on! (guess I forgot a picture of this one.)

Oh yes, the “rusty” part.  The TENSION part.  Actually it hasn’t been MY tension.  I was attempting to do the top stitching on the handles of the tote I’m sewing.  They are thick.  Very thick.  I didn’t check the stitches, the tension. I should have.  The back side was garbled, curvy, knotty, NOT nice looking at all. I spent a good deal of time ripping out the top stitching.  27 inch handle times two sides equals 54 inches of rip out. (The math wasn’t so hard to figure out on that…basically A LOT OF RIPPING OUT.)

But on the bright side, it gave me a chance to walk away.  Go outside on this beautiful day. Took a big walk to get some exercise.  Sat on the deck afterwards doing the ripping, looking at the green grass Mister C just mowed, listening to the birdies.  The best news is that the tote bag is really becoming pretty. I know you’ll like it.  So what if I’m slow?