Good morning world … I’ve been away from my blog for too long, I MISS YOU ! ! !

Sometimes every day goings on take over . . .

This is one of them . . .

Isn’t it strange how painting can be therapeutic?  Brush, brush, brush, one big, big, big square. It was soothing in a funny way. It was also HOT !!!  Michigan decided to become summer on Monday. I have to remember NOT to complain, because I was SO WANTING summer weather.

Well I finished my painting job, and yesterday purchased a few flowers to put in pots on the deck. Today I’ll work at planting them!  (Again in the H-E-A-T!).  I’ll show you how it all turns out.

So even tho’ I miss you, I need to get cracking.

While I’m out I’ll photo our BEAUTIFUL Peonies that are just now opening their beautiful pinkness!  Isn’t it wonderful that the deer don’t like to eat peonies? SEE YOU SOON I HOPE ! ! !