Dear Sewing Machine,

I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten you.  I know it SEEMS like I have, but I really do love you. Let me explain.  At least let me TRY to explain.

Remember the times we used to run together?  Remember the excitement that you brought me when Mister C gave you to me? Remember the promises we made to each other?

I know this is silly… I WANT to start where we left off.

Time just got away from me.  Other stuff got in the way. I had dishes to do, cats to feed, closets to clean out.

Okay.  Let’s just say I have no excuse and leave it at that.

I recognize that it’s time to get busy.

I know I didn’t really explain.  Some things are just hard to talk about. But don’t forget, I DO care. I DO miss you!

Love, Cheryl