Hi, hi!

You’ve met Max cat before.  He’s thinking, “oh no, she’s taking my picture again!”

Max is not too, well “cooperative” when it comes to getting photographed. He’s actually bothered by it as you can see by his expression.

He’s not exactly our social butterfly.  He likes being loved (although he likes canned food better I think!), but he doesn’t get too involved nor too concerned with worrying about getting attention. (But yes, he does get worried about being fed enough … you may have heard him meow/beg at your house recently … yes he’s THAT loud!) The family has always acknowledged that Max doesn’t always know what to do with himself.  He is getting older, he’s almost 13, and he sleeps a lot. He’s such a baby.  He loves his little fluffy bed. (There’s even a little yellow blanket in there that I made when he first came to live with us…flannel with kitties on it!)

MANY years ago, before I even had Max, I bought a couple of these kits by The Toy Works. This one on my bulletin board is a Tabby Kitten.  I actually MADE the Tabby Cat.

This is so life-like, when he’s sitting in the house, in a corner in my green dot studio, sometimes I think its Max. I sat him outside to photograph as its pretty dark inside the house today. (He’s much easier to photograph than my REAL tabby cat, Max!)  Though this stuffed tabby is kind of creepy looking sitting here on my deck. Something is just wrong!  I’ll put him back in the corner in the house where he’s more comfortable.

Max cat knows I’m nuts!  Max just wants to be left alone now, or maybe fed. He’s not sure. I’m sure though, that he brings me joy!