Blustery. Winter. Cold. Wind. Snow. It’s all that again. Thus far and overall this has been a mild version from what usually happens, which has me now expecting the more mild version even though I know better. I tried to take a photo just now of the weather, but it’s very uninspiring.  Same old same. Gray. (that’s one of the words I left out in my opening to this commentary!) … but gray is the problem, at least one of the big drawbacks of winter.  When the sunshine is out it somehow seems easier dealing with the cold, even wind.

I wish the wind would blow out the dreary dreadfuls from my mind.  I’d like to be filled with enthusiasm and hope for warmth and good spirits.

Coffee helps.  I think chocolate would help too.

Yes I could settle in to this winter thing much better with a cup of coffee, a warm chocolate brownie, and a visit from you.  We’ll start a fire in the fireplace.  That would be good.