To do:  Buy dirt, buy flowers, put flowers in pots on deck (even though deck needs cleaned, and stained), but it’s JUNE, and a few flowers NEED to be potted. (I can’t put them anywhere else in the yard or the hungry deer eat them.) We’ve discussed this before.

Thus, the beginnings:

At this very moment, I am sitting outside on this peaceful Sunday morning. The coffee cup came out with me, as did the computer I’m typing this on.  It is SUCH a gorgeous morning.  Sunny. Hot already. Quiet. Well, except the occasional car that passes, and the morning doves that are cooing as they flitter across the back yard from tree to tree.  The squirrels are talking (chattering) too! Even a couple of flys went buzzing by…it MUST be summer!

I’m home alone this weekend. Mister C and our two sons went on a fishing trip.  The texted photograph I received yesterday had a “boatload” of salmon all lined up. Success!

Whenever the opportunity for an alone weekend comes my way I think to myself that there are SO many things I should do, all productive things, of course. Projects, sorting, shopping, making big messes that I’m hesitant to do whilst Mister C is with me. Of course, my list is so very long, and I never accomplish all that I want . . . this weekend was no different. Here’s a few things I DID do:

  • Shopping for flowers.
  • Shopping for buttons.
  • Farmers’ Market…no morning glories left, but did have STRAWBERRIES!
  • Sorting through cookbooks.
  • Cooking the delicious Great Lakes whitefish from the farmers’ market for dinner.
  • EATING the delicious whitefish and strawberries.
  • Loading up plant pots with dirt.
  • Watching Paul McCartney perform at the Queen’s Concert on the “telly.”
  • Sleeping in

How many of us overload our “to do” lists? One of the things I didn’t even have on my list, is what I am doing now. Enjoying the solitude of this beautiful morning. Time well spent. Important.

Hmmm, I’d better do those breakfast dishes and get back out here without the computer so I can put my colorful little flowers in their pots.

Aren’t they pretty even as they come home from the store?

I hope you had a delightful weekend! I’ll PLAN for solitude next time, one more little thing for the to do list that is often neglected.