I’m beginning to gently float down from the clouds now.

I had a most wonderful surpriseĀ  this past Sunday afternoon. An unexpected surprise. A surprise that made my heart puff up and up. I was SO surprised, and SO uplifted that I wanted to shout with glee from mountaintops or maybe rent one of those little airplanes that spell out messages with white poofy bursts of smoke across the sky.

SUSAN BRANCH commented on my blog !!!!!!

No, I did not win one of her give-a-ways, drawn by her infamous “Vanna” chosen from the thousands who comment on her blog! It was a much better gift šŸ˜€ ! ! !

I had talked about her in the post on this blog I published Sunday, July 15, 2012.

Susan Branch has been my hero for years. She inspires me. She is excessively talented and excessively kind.Ā  I was certainly inspired by the fact that she took the time to look and comment on my little blog.

I have most all of her books.

I have MANY of her designed stickers, scrap-booking papers, fabric, rubber stamps…

And stationery she’s designed.

And even a wall hanging or two.

And she enlightened me about Gladys Taber, too ! (I talked about Gladys Taber last May here.)

Okay, okay, I’ll stop now. As a person who loves domesticity and art, I share her loves, as do thousands of women whose hearts she has touched with her artwork, writings, and now blog-posts. MY heart was certainly touched.

Thank you, Susan Branch!

Go visit her website to see for yourself and enjoy!