Have a thing for buttons? Oh, I DO! Some things are hard to explain OR understand, but this I know. There is within me lots of quirks, and today I’ll tell the world of my love of BUTTONS!!!

I have more buttons than anyone needs. It’s always been a thing for me. Long ago, as a teenager and in my twenties, I sewed most of my own clothes. There were no discounted stores like T.J. Maxx or Marshall’s. It was a way to save money, have long enough sleeves and slacks (for my longer than average arms and legs!), AND a way to express my creativity.

Buttons were ALWAYS an important factor in the process. Buttons are STILL an important part of the element of design for me today, though more of my sewing is in crafting vs. apparel.

A few weeks ago as I was driving back from taking my daughter to the Detroit airport, I came home through Williamston, Michigan. There has been a fabric store there for years. A small little store, famed for it’s high-end apparel fabrics and gorgeous BUTTONS. As I glanced out my window, much to my horror I saw the words, “Store Closing Sale”. Well, horror for the store closing, delight for the sale part.

A U-turn later, I was entering, walking past the fabrics (Mister C would murder me if I brought more fabrics into our home . . . considering our basement is loaded beyond reason-ability already), and headed straight to the BUTTON department.

I restrained myself. All that came home were these cute little white ones and the shiny green ones that look like M & Ms.

You can tell from the above photograph that I HAD to go back before the store closed forever and my chance for their beautiful buttons (at sale prices) would end.

I understand the owner Mesee Wilson wanted to retire. She and her store will be missed.

Though not ready to pass up my button opportunity, Mister C and sons went fishing the day before the day the store closed. So as I mentioned here, since it was on my list, a last trip to the Fabric Gallery was a must.

(You can see now, why I chose to thank Susan Branch with a button note !!! )

Yes, buttons ARE as delicious as M & Ms !!! Don’t you agree? (though let’s not dismiss chocolate too quickly…)