This morning I had a later than normal breakfast. Usually I sit down with Mister C and we have a simple little breakfast at the kitchen table, but today’s was somewhat later, after he had left for work. It’s beautiful outside. Sunny and warm and calm and still and quiet . . .

Yesterday I had stopped at my favorite local farm and brought home my summertime favorites, possibly (and please chocolate, don’t be upset, you are close to being tied) MY FAVORITE ALLTIME FOOD — T-O-M-A-T-O-E-S !!!

So I put together my breakfast, took it out to the back porch, and sat for a bit thinking, (not TOO long, the tomatoes on the plate were screaming at me to eat them, devour them, and do it fast!) Fortunately I was able to eat and think at the same time 🙂 .

Which brought me to thoughts of my mom. Lessons in life we don’t even realize are happening at the time, but whether when we look back and reflect, or whether the lessons learned catch us at moments when we least suspect their return, they DO stick with us throughout life. Here’s a few of mine that can be specifically connected to my outdoor breakfast today:

1. Love, love, love summertime tomatoes. Preferably they are to be eaten, just picked from the garden, leaning over the kitchen sink with salt shaker in hand; not with silverware, but just as an apple, salting again after each bite. Also good in any other fashion, sliced, or made into a salad (which mom made deliciously and called “macaroni salad”). Proudly my brother and I both still make a great “macaroni salad.” I made it last year here.

2. Make meals a variety of pleasing colors. So this meal would have not have measured up, see it’s all yellow. (Yellow tomatoes are sometimes even more sweet than red ones!) BUT, it was almost saved because…

3. Add garnish to “pretty up” foods.

4. Transferware dishes, especially Johnson Brothers dishes, are to be cherished. And I do. I’ll have to show you ALL my Johnson Brothers dishes one day.

5. Clothes and linens should always be ironed.

6. Drink coffee.  Drink coffee black.

7. Zinnias are beautiful. (I was able to gaze at these as I devoured my breakfast tomatoes.) Mom always grew a row of zinnias in her vegetable garden.

Even though none of these lessons are important as, oh, “how to achieve world peace,” they ARE lessons that in my life, measure up to significant importance! They bring a little peace to me, from my mom.