My house has been reduced from a two-cat house to a one-cat house. Everyone loves Percy. But Percy didn’t love Max. (I choose to believe he didn’t WANT to be mean to Max, but really, he WAS mean to Max.) It wasn’t always that way. Who knows, maybe old age, but it wasn’t good. So now, or actually, several few months ago, Percy moved. He now lives with sons. (I’m sorry P & M!) Of course, Percy has lots of good qualities. Not to mention his handsome good looks! Look at that face — he knows he is handsome!

So things are much more calm around here these days. Max has adjusted to life as a single cat. He’s still a typical scaredy cat, well maybe a little more than the typical scaredy cat. But at least he’s not scared to use his cat box now! 😉

My Max, my sweet little scaredy cat, who keeps me company and shares his love!