I’ve always wanted to make a BLT SALAD.  BLT sandwiches are so good, how could you go wrong with a BLT salad? I think a lot has to do with a certain book I fell in love with years ago. (yah, yah, I know you thought I was going to say it has a lot to do with tomatoes because I love THEM so much.) Well, can’t argue with that.

Back in the 90’s I saw this book at the public library. It was one of those books that was SO pretty, with good recipes and beautiful photographs. Aren’t cookbooks more fun if there is a picture of the food ? And this book is loaded with photos.

Mary Emmerling’s At Home in the Country, Recipes and Menus for a Year of Entertaining is the title. It’s a little old now, it was published in 1991. I think it was even out of print when I first found it at the library. I did find it a few years ago on eBay, and of course, snatched it up, but I just looked here and found some for 99 cents!  A deal!

The cover has a heart shaped cake, which I adopted for my family’s “Christmas Eve Cake”, a tradition I’ve been making for many years. (I confess, I didn’t follow the recipe … it was Duncan Hines back then, but no more (and why was here, you may remember.) But mine LOOKS identical to the one in the book, right down to the star cutouts stenciled and sprinkled with powdered sugar. LOVE those stars!

It’s on page 99 — Lyn Hutching’s BLT Salad. True to form, I didn’t follow the recipe, but I WAS inspired, and the other day made my own version.

Simple. Delicious! The above pictured ingredients are all that went into it; she used peppers, I used corn instead:

  1. Bacon
  2. Lettuce (well, all I had was spinach — which worked great!)
  3. Tomatoes
  4. Cooked sweet corn

Any salad dressing, vinegar and oil, or even NO salad dressing to top it off!

Since I forgot to invite you to lunch that day, Mister C and I had to eat it up all by ourselves! MMMmmmmm. Next time I WILL call, and set an extra plate for you!