There has been a lot of cookie making over the years at my house. A LOT of cookies have been baked and eaten.

Ah, yes. Many years of cookies. Raising three children, supporting, of course, a very popular Cookie Monster (Sesame Street was a big deal at our household) and a self-admitted giant sweet tooth of my own, resulted in many batches of home made, delicious cookies. Chocolate chips were most decidedly the favorite of my family. Snickerdoodles were next. (I smile whenever I pull out a well-loved recipe, you can always tell its loved from the worn and stained paper…the same is true in my cookbooks.)

It’s September. One day last week with the feel of a little autumn in the air, with a little cooler weather, I had this need to bake cookies. I couldn’t fight it.

I only needed to eat a few. Mister C only needed to eat a few. Fortunately my neighbors let me share some with them! (And I actually ate more than a few 🙂 ) ! ! !

Autumn in the air can be dangerous.

“…C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me. Cookie, Cookie, Cookie, Cookie, Cookie”   ~  Cookie Monster