I do hope you were able to enjoy this beautiful autumny weekend!


As the days begin to cool down a little, we’ve been so blessed to continue to have sunshine. The changes are subtle day by day and then they become so very apparent …  less sunlight … the beautiful play of shadows upon the trees and grass … golden tones of color complimenting the blue sky with white and dark puffy clouds.

It makes me buy a wreath to hang in the kitchen window.

I buy apples, just because.

The urge to make a steaming pot of chili came over me this afternoon, the aroma of it fills the house.

The awe of how glorious life is.

Tomorrow is October, but today is still September.  As Gladys Taber reflects on September, “I always feel that something fine is about to happen. And the fact that winter is on the way is not troubling this early in autumn…Warm, and yet not hot, cool enough but not cold, this is really the way weather should be…I wish we could put up this late summer sunlight in jars. If we could only pack it, clamp the bail down on the glass, set the pressure cooker for, say ten pounds, and process jars and jars of bright, fresh mellow sun!