The autumn season is continuing onward. November has arrived, and though cooler days are ahead it seems okay. Flipping the calendar page over again, every month when it turns to the next, always brings a startling reaction, how? How can it be a new month and where did the old one go? And always I think that THIS month, I will learn to savor each day, appreciate the gift that each day is. Such a high aspiration, yet with the Hurricane Sandy tragedy that has affected so many people, it’s even more relevant and significant that every day is precious.




It seems only natural to burn more candles now since the absence of summer’s light is obvious. The deer in the back yard stayed there forever it seemed when I spotted him from inside the kitchen this past week. Earlier in the week, our only real affect from the hurricane, other than wind,was this sleet/snow that only stayed around a few hours. Happy November to you all. And Happy Birthday to you P and M, it was glorious sharing your birthday celebration today!