ALWAYS, on a cold winter day, and it has been excessively cold here in Michigan the last few days, a good cup of nice hot coffee is often the go-to solution to warm the body and soul.


Do you have a favorite brand of coffee?

I thought I did, yet now I am not sure! For a very long time, my favorite was clear …  Biggby’s Best Blend.

Recently, son P. suggested I try a new kind. A kind he had decided was his favorite. He’s a coffee pro! Check out his coffee world here!

Oh goodness, Leelanau Coffee’s Lakers Blend is delicious!


So my taste buds totally love the flavor of each. And not only do they both taste wonderful, both brands have trendy packaging, front and back!   AND both brands are Michigan based companies!

You’ll just have to help me decide. Try them both. Let me know. I cannot make a decision. I’m thinking it’s okay to have two favorites! How about you?