I wish it could be done. I really wanted to bring one home for me, and if I wanted one, I know you would too. As a little souvenir, a little token, a little remembrance of what warmth and sunshine can create.


Mister C and I were fortunate enough to spend a week in Florida a couple of weeks ago. The doldrums of the Michigan winter had begun to take hold of us; spirits are so depleted of happy-to-be-thoughts when day after day after day we plod along on life’s journey under the blanket of gray clouds that descend upon mid Michigan mid winter. By time February approaches, we are ready to b.o.l.t. to a place where the chances of receiving some sunshine are greater than in our own backyard. And God did bless us with sunshine. Every single day for a week. It rained as we flew to Florida, and was cloudy the next morning. Then s-u-n-s-h-i-n-e happened from then out! It was wonderful walking the beach, going to the Naples Zoo, even doing nothing.

It was a very fine time indeed. If I could, you know your palm tree would have been delivered by now. And I know a cute little pail filled with sand would be welcome too!