It’s officially SPRING today. Really? Cold, yes. Windy, yes. Snowy, yes. BUT IT IS SPRING!  March 20, 2013. WE ARE READY!!!!! Birdies have been trying to chirp about it (but not today). Every single one of us who live here in Mid-Michigan are p.l.e.a.d.i.n.g with the weather man about it. It’s time to give us a glimmer of sunshine and warmth. I don’t know about you, but I am so ready to wear pretty shoes again!

Yet, it’s crockpot, warm soup, comfort food craving type of weather. Yes … I can do that!

So, finding a few ingredients to make my typical vegetable beef soup that my family has made for years, which varies a little each time, depending on what’s on hand, I tried to make this version EASY. Instead of cutting up all the vegetables, I had purchased a bag of frozen “soup vegetables.” I even had a bag of fresh pre-sliced carrots that were on sale from my last grocery store visit. I did cut up half of an onion. Just put all the ingredients in the crockpot and let it cook all day. Basically it was an easy meal to make, not a lot of effort, but just the thing for a cold “not-so-springy” day. And as a bonus . . . the house smelled warm and good.

It even looks good before it’s cooked!

I actually took the time and wrote the recipe on a card!

And with soup, bread sounded so good. Hmmm, there were those over ripe bananas I froze. The internet search brought me here, a banana bread recipe I’ve never made, but it seemed like a good one. And oh yes, it was MORE than good!  Tyler Florence at the food network, I thank you!

Tyler called for pecans in his recipe. I only had walnuts. (and I shortened the baking time 10 minutes.) Walnuts worked! Yum! Banana bread was so good with the  soup. It was as warm as the soup, even though you were supposed to let it cool, who has the patience to wait?

And, a little fruit. Not only sweet, but beautiful.

A girl can pretend it is spring!

It IS March. Those warmer days are coming. REALLY!  Happy Spring to you! (and Happy Birthday to my dear daughter who is also sweet and beautiful!!!!)