Easter-time is upon us!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know about YOU, but any holiday that has anything to do with candy — Count me in!!!

As you can see, I’m ready ! ! ! ANY excuse to buy candy makes me (and my sweet tooth) very happy. Easter brings out hope. Hope for (not just candy), but hope for spring, for life, for everlasting peace and love.

Since today was a day filled with sunshine and the anticipation of Easter, I took a short drive to say hello to my little sheep friends at Michigan State University. They are always there along the roadside, any of us from the area that take the back scenic roads through MSU get to see them on a regular basis. Today I actually pulled in to an area they were lounging in. They were happy to see me! (and by the by, they are way cute, very dirty, excessively stinky, but for your benefit…I did not include any of those smells in this blog post!).

You just turn down this little road . . .


They’re all looking at me, because I am talking sweet to them!

I think the MSU sheep are JUST like this little guy! They are chatting about Easter-time!

ANY fabric horder collector who knows what they are doing, collects a few pieces that spell E-A-S-T-E-R!!!!!

I KNEW you would like it!  Too cute, huh?


You know I will be thinking about you on Easter.


The Blessings of Easter will soon be here. I am blessed to have my family with me on Sunday. I do hope you will be with yours, too.

Happy Easter to each of you.