Just when I was attempting to fabricate a reason as to why I haven’t been blogging as of late, WHAM, technical difficulties arose! The Green Dot Studio would not allow me to “publish” one little word!

But now, due to my fabulously talented technical director in charge of all things even remotely concerning any and all technicalities, the Green Dot Studio is back in business. THANK YOU, Mister P ! ! !  . . . now if he could only pass on some motivation, but I realize that is entirely up to me.

Oh, you may notice that the “sign up for emails when I post,” is missing. That will be added again. By a different company . . . it had something to do with my publishing problems!

I’ve been slightly preoccupied lately. It concerns a project.

We ALL have projects, yes? Some are big, some are small, some are the every-day-part-of-life kind that happen on ordinary days, some are looked forward to as part of our hobbies.  Some projects are simply the  result of being sidetracked, “okay, let’s clean this drawer out NOW”! (totally forgetting what was supposed to be getting done prior to the diversion!)

I feel I’m the queen of STARTING projects, but not so much on finishing them. Though I’ve heard many claim to be proficient at this dreadful condition. (I still think I’m the queen.)

This time, though, there’s a project looming in the near horizon at my house that will HAVE to be finished. Once it starts there’s no stopping. I’m rather excited. And scared.

Home renovation.

There, I’ve said it.

So now not only do the shops and workers I’ve contacted know about it, YOU know about it. I’ll HAVE to follow through. Of course, I’m not doing any carpentry work, or installing even one little floor board, but I will be planning, getting things ready, packing and boxing things up in every single room of this over-stuffed home so a new floor can go in. Everywhere.

And did I mention the word decisions? Aughhhh !



So if I call you, will you hold my hand and reassure me that it can be accomplished? That I will be okay? I must focus on the end result.

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