Welcome to our world.


Enough already!!!!!  Max has had it. Poor Max. Construction and chaos are not his friends! Mister C and I are on the verge of running away ourselves. I HAVE mentioned that a few renovations are occurring at the house?!? (I think in every room. . .) (Yes, we are out of our minds.) Oh, I KNOW, it is all going to be worth it in the end…(we so hope). Max’s meals have been moved to the basement landing. Ours have been at restaurants for a week. We DO eat breakfast in.



In the front foyer. Where the refrigerator now resides. And the giant IKEA shelves that are normally in my sewing room. Breakfast is easy. Coffee (the coffee maker is located upstairs as the workers are putting the new floor in the kitchen), and fruit (easy), and hard boiled eggs (precooked from the grocery store)!

Home renovation is sort of like camping. (and trust me, this is as rough as we like to get)!

Yes, dinners have been out. And for Father’s Day, we even went to a motel for a night. Crazy. No sawdust! No white poofs of dust, tile, etc.!

But TONIGHT, enough of that. I cooked dinner! (Well, not really cooked . . . My range is out here somewhere.)


There, way in the back behind the saws.

It’s supposed to be here.


With no “real cooking” involved, I did manage to put together dinner. Mister C deserved it; it was time.

Earlier today as you’ll see in the photo below, I bought a glass jar (sadly, I could not find one jar or vase in my packed up house.) The PEONIES are in bloom, and it was necessary to bring a few in the house. Sooooo fragrant. Soooooo beautiful! So I built us a big salad for dinner while gazing at and inhaling the peonies (and after inhaling sawdust, old vinyl glue, and who knows what else throughout this demo/redo…peony fragrance was very welcome)!


I’m excited that this is the FIRST photo I’ve taken with my new counter top and wood floor. It’s coming together!




Ahhh, so blessed that the weather was nice tonight, (since my kitchen table is sitting upside down on my dining room table). The OUTSIDE table is just where it should be!

Have a lovely day. I will not run away. I will not run away. And even though Max is ONLY allowed IN-THE-HOUSE, he is now wearing his collar with his name and address hanging on a tag, just in case he does try to run away!

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