By popular demand I would like to bring you — RECIPES !!!!

Well, actually, I had only ONE request for the recipes from my last blog. One of my VERY good friends. But she IS popular!!!  🙂


So since I love her, AND since I thought YOU might want recipes for last Sunday’s cook fest, here are the recipes for the meal I blogged about earlier this week. I also thought you might want to try the New Chili that “happened” the last time Chili was for dinner at my house!  But first, Sunday’s menu and recipes.

MENU for Sunday Dinner

  • Grilled Flank Steak
  • Roasted Acorn Squash
  • Baked Potato
  • Garden Medley Salad

This is going to be E.A.S.Y. — no complicated ingredients, no major cooking skills involved!  We’ll go one by one on the menu:


Flank steak, about 3/4 pound (which was perfect for two eaters … a bigger cut would work too)

1/2 Cup Paul Newman’s Olive Oil and Vinegar Salad Dressing (more if you have a bigger steak)

Put the steak in a gallon size zip lock type baggie. Pour the dressing over it. Marinate for about an hour. You can do it in the refrigerator … just flip it over a couple of times to distribute the dressing over the meat fully.

I used our gas grill. Preheated it. (Ours runs really hot, but use a medium hot setting if you have a choice.) I grilled it about four minutes per side. Bring it in and let it set for at least 5 minutes so the juices don’t run right out when you cut it. We like ours medium rare, so it’s pink inside. Your call on if you want it cooked longer. Flank is very lean and does tend to get chewy if cooked to medium or longer.

Slice on the cross grain of the meat.


ROASTED ACORN SQUASH (and a Baked Potato)!

One Acorn Squash

One Large Potato

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. While it’s warming up, line a baking sheet with aluminum foil. Wash the potato and squash and with a sharp knife, poke holes into each to let the steam escape. (carefully!) Place both on the baking pan. Yes, you ARE leaving the seeds and all in the squash. Bake for an hour. When the hour is up, see if the squash is soft enough by sticking a fork into the skin. If it is hard to poke in…bake it a little longer.

After pulling it out of the oven, let it sit a few minutes, it will be HOT!  Then cut the squash in half, scoop out the seeds and fibers with a spoon. Then use the spoon to remove the squash from it’s skin. Put it into a serving bowl. You’ll want to add salt and pepper to taste.  Squash is easily baked in advance and warmed up before serving. And if you like (Mmmm) add some butter … yes, butter always makes anything better. My choice these days is “Smart Balance”. And cut your big baked potato in half, one half for each of you.



Several FRESH tomatoes, peeled. Yellow tomatoes, too, if you can find them. I think yellow ones are even sweeter than red tomatoes!  (I hold mine over the gas flames on my stove with a fork for a moment before peeling. Putting them in a bowl of just boiled water for one minute works too.)

One Avocado, cut into chunks

One half of a cucumber

Salt and Pepper to taste

(Optional — 1/4 cup of Paul Newman’s Vinegar and Olive Oil Dressing, OR pour on your favorite salad dressing)

Cut the tomatoes, avocado, cucumber into chunks. Toss into a big bowl. If you’re a purist and if your tomatoes ARE home grown ones, dressing may not be necessary. But if you do like the added flavor, add it now and toss. Salt and pepper to taste also.

Tomatoes lose their flavor when refrigerated. So if you can make this one right before dining, I recommend it! Yet I do love having things done in advance…


Now for chili —


Let me introduce you to the newest chili I made.  Seems anymore I rarely make it the same way twice. (most likely its due to using whatever my kitchen pantry and fridge has available. Since I am not an organized individual, since I tend to shop without a complete list when I go to the grocery store, and since I like to create things … new recipes happen a lot at my house!)


1 pound ground round beef

1/2 big onion, chopped

1 pound sliced fresh mushrooms

1 or 2 Tablespoons olive oil if the beef is very lean

1/2 to 3/4  cup red wine (Merlot was good!)

1 – 15 oz can cut green beans, drained

1-15 oz can organic diced tomatoes

1-15 oz can tomato sauce

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper

1 teaspoon chili powder

Saute the ground beef, onions, and add the mushrooms. Add a little olive oil if the ground beef is very lean as you saute. Then add all the other ingredients. Simmer for 1/2 hour to an  hour (longer is okay). If the sauce is too thin, take off the cover and simmer a little longer until some of the liquid has cooked away. Delicious! It would also convert well using a crock pot. Brown the beef, saute the onions and mushrooms, then add them and all other ingredients into your crock pot and let it cook at low for hours!


Happy cooking. Enjoy!

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