Beautiful autumn.


Clearly, the weatherman was a little mixed up today. As I was driving away from the house today, the sun was out, BUT snow was falling! It didn’t last but a few minutes, then the sun was out even more. Then in a blink of the eye, total cloud cover. Off and on all afternoon. I came back in the house, was putting away a few groceries and THEN . . .


You can see the fushcia plant is still in bloom. You can also see S.N.O.W. !!! Huh???

Let’s still enjoy the fall. Leaves. Cider. Carmel apples. NO SNOW YET !!!!!





Its okay. We’ll wait. Snow, just come LATER. First there are days of warmth hopefully to enjoy. Well, maybe just a little warmer than today’s 40s. The Halloween Trick-or-Treaters have to have a chance for a decent autumnal evening next week before the REAL white stuff hits. I’ll even wait for Christmas Eve. How about you?

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