Oh yes, it IS winter. REALLY winter. VERY, VERY, REALLY winter!!!


Yes, its happening some more. This weekend a giant snowstorm was forecast and correctly predicted.


Mister C is getting a head start. Stages. Blow the snow away in stages!

[pullquote style=”right” quote=”dark”]I don’t venture out much during a storm. Who does?[/pullquote]  So you’ll have to settle with photographs taken very close from the open door (or within the house looking out!) The table that’s on our deck is the symbol of measurement. I started taking pictures of it in the morning yesterday, then afternoon, after Downton Abbey (at 11 p.m. with the spot lights on), and lastly this morning.





As long as we all stay in, and the world closes down, it can be beautiful. An opportunity to hunker in, make a nice meal and prepare to watch the much awaited debut season opener (and sadly last season) of DOWNTON ABBEY !!!!! And ohhhhh it was good. Two whole hours of Downton Abbey. Don’t you just L.O.V.E it?





One of my mother’s contributions to this world was cooking. She was a great cook. The recipe I made for dinner last night was based on her Beef Burgundy. I did tweak it . . . I’d served beef tenderloin for Christmas and had cut off a large chunk that needed trimmed. I cut it into cubes. Since I wanted the beef to stay medium rare, after browning it I set it aside while preparing the rest of the dish, simmered it all without the beef (about 20 minutes) until just before serving.


Professional cooks say to use good wine you would love to drink in recipes. This one fit the bill. Though I should have used “Downton Abbey” wine (I served this at Christmas dinner, alas, none was left!) BUT for my Downton Abbey Night it would have been PERFECT!!




Barilla-G.F.-1-14(The yummy pasta I CAN eat, recommended by the chef at Magianno’s … its finally available at the grocery store!!!)




I added the beef. Added a good salad. A lovely Sunday-Night-we’re-snowed-in-and-going-to-watch-Downton-Abbey-on-T.V.soon!!!


Since we ate kinda late, the dishes are piled in the sink. Feet up. Remote nearby. And MAX CAT IS READY TOO!!!!!

Downton-Abbey-1-14Finally. Finally. Finally.


It’s Monday afternoon as I write this. It’s STILL snowing. Or is it just blowing — I can’t tell. And supposed to get colder. After our ice storm at Christmas . . . I’m still savoring electricity with a whole new appreciation of it. Please be careful. Stay in if you can. And if you can’t? Well, bundle up and be safe!


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