Springtime. Long awaited. So very, very, very important to us all THIS year; it was a overly cold and snowy harsh winter this past year, draining us all of our patience and energy. So FINALLY, signs of spring are emerging, offering HOPE that SOON warmth and growth with huge doses of sunshine will soon be upon us! I was so enthused yesterday that I walked around and drove around looking for simple signs of spring to share with you.



Yes. I know. The sheep at Michigan State are there year round. But in SPRING … well for one thing, I don’t mind getting out of the car to take their picture!  🙂 I don’t see any baby sheep here, I think they keep them in another pasture, but baby sheep and spring — oh yes! Years ago when my children were younger we would visit the baby animals at MSU. The elementary schools would have field trips. MSU even puts on a “baby animal day” each spring, and you can ride a bus that will deliver you to all the different areas of MSU barns and pet and hold baby chicks. Even baby piglets if you are so moved.



It’s not real green yet here in the mid-Michigan area. But its getting greener every day. AND buds are here. The forsythia are the first to pop. It was so wonderfully warm this weekend.




If you look VERY closely, there are a sprinkling of daffodils back near the river!


And these are across the street from my house. (I don’t even try!) But birds (or squirrels?) provided this one on our side yard.



A touch of Easter. Chicks and eggs.


Naturally!  Hope your Easter was filled with love, peace, (and chicks and eggs). Yes, renewal. Spring. It’s here!

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