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A LOT of rain. Many cold days. Yet now, the weather stick points high upward, signaling GOOD things in store, maybe it really will be warm and sunny. . . kinda like S.P.R.I.N.G. !!! (maybe even summer!)

It’s only natural for us all to admire the treetop blossoms, fragrant and beautiful. They are now showering  down from the trees like snowfall … the only good kind of snowfall (except for the first few weeks of winter; we ALL have to admit early winter snow is welcome and beautiful.)

The flower departments/nursery section of the local supermarkets are abuzz the last few days. Possibly, hopefully, frost warnings are to be no longer and its time to PLANT!!!!!

Time at long last to come out of hibernation!

I had to show you this pretty geranium. One of my dearest friends in the world opened up her heart and poured out some love last week. Although she usually does this on a daily basis, this time she outdid herself. She held a function for lots of ladies based on her many pleasant experiences on Mackinac Island attending Win-Some Women. So in the fashion of the Grand Hotel, geraniums were a plenty on Saturday, May 10, 2014. Christian inspirational recordings were shared as well as coffee, tea and delicious food. AND a vintage teacup to each lady there! Thank you, my friend, for your gifts of love to me and all in attendance!

So DO enjoy this coming long weekend with its prediction of amazing weather. Admire the beautiful floral arrangements mother nature is providing. Pop into a nursery and grab a flower or two to plant. Hug a friend. Go to your cupboard, find one of those pretty cups stashed way in the back that you never use. Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and sit outdoors. Enjoy life!


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