It’s a beautiful beginning . . .

It just happens. Somehow some pretty flowers made their way into the trunk of my car!



This past weekend was a long holiday weekend . . . Memorial Day weekend!  It was the first string of several days where we have had sun AND warmth this year. What a blessing!

Mister C and our sons took advantage of the good weather with a trip to Lake Michigan for salmon fishing. I took advantage of the good weather staying home for some coveted “girl-time” with my daughter. She helped me get ready for my annual pot planting … I had already purchased a few flowers (these that graced the back of my car with their beauty). So we did a little yard work and planting. Thought I’d share with you the gorgeous flowers before:

a). I kill them,

b). the deer eat them, or whatever else may occur. I do hope, though, it will be

c). none of the above!!!!

We were thrilled to be able to eat out on the back deck (yes, it even was warm enough for breakfast) !!! It was a weekend filled with many gifts. Beautiful weather, beautiful daughter-mother love, and naturally beautiful shopping was also included in our weekend…and FLOWERS!



Max cat was happy just napping in Mister C’s study . . . he’s obviously not interested in any activities.



Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

A cross-stitches-transparent