I know. I know. You haven’t seen much of me around here as of late. I’m working on that. I’m waiting for summer to catch on in my heart. So I wanted to share with you some basic loveliness of summer! Images of what warmth and sunshine produce . . .








Did you bring a picnic basket? No? … I forgot too. With or without picnic fare, this park I visited late last week was beautiful. The day was beautiful. It’s so easy to go about, doing our everyday sort of things, not taking time (and it didn’t really take that much time) to make a simple diversion. Our community has a smallish park very close to the post  office, not even requiring any further travel than just pulling in its drive. Taking time to slow a bit. It was so very tranquil, just the sounds you would expect to hear; the buzzing of bees and bugs, chirping of birds above, (no sounds from the geese in the lake!), the breeze blowing the tall flowers and leaves of the trees. The breeze was warm and gentle. I do think on another day we should take a picnic basket filled with summer salads, a quilt, and sit quietly in the shade, enjoying the beauty of a summer day. But you know, even if I never have a picnic there, ANY five minute visit would be almost as nice. Especially if you came with me!

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