Hello hello hello . . .

I might as well start out with this gorgeous BLUE sky, the “side of blue”  in my title. Michigan can be so very beautiful . . . especially when the sky loses its gray overcast tendencies and becomes brilliant blue!



A day filled with sunshine . . . helpful to view lovely Manistee, Michigan on our recent vacation. . . see the red roofed Coast Guard building on the right? It’s color coordinated with the surroundings! Love this view!


You may know me. Or not. But if you do, you may realize that I like color. And its pretty evident if you have ever been to my house, there seems to be a theme. A color theme. Uh huh, GREEN and RED and BLUE. There is probably more blue and red than green. But its all about balance. 🙂 They go together so very, very well. (They sing to me!) I can’t sing, even hold a tune, but green, red and blue do it all. They make me so happy!

So to give you a little sample or two (or more) of the lovely combination of green, red and blue, read on! Not just in and at my house, the color combo is everywhere! Here’s just a smattering of examples.


See? Mother Nature’s blue water, green trees with a touch of red paint and P.O.P. !!!!! This was our view at the 4th of July activities this summer. Pulled in a little closer than our view across the lake actually was, (thought you’d like to see the colors better). That evening, close by, arose the best-ever fireworks, watched in cozy comfort on our family’s cottage deck!



(of course, white is a neutral — it goes with everything!)

Good desserts go with everything too!


Do you see the red, the blue, even the green nail polish!?



(We ALL know the classic Christmas colors consist of green and red!) Max is enjoying the small quilt I made forever ago.




And you see the green grid under my bowl of delicious home grown (not by me) tomatoes? Its my rotary cutting mat. I had it out this past week to work on a little project. My sewing room, a.k.a green dot studio, has been disheveled ever since our last summer’s renovation. So slowly a wall of fun, inspiring pieces is being put together. I’ll show you when it is all done. But I did cut some fabric — red by Amy Barrickman for Red Rooster Fabrics, I’ve had it forever it seems…it has little needles and threads all over it. Soooo cute. I wanted to cover a piece of foam board as the backdrop for a vintage apron pattern I nabbed on Etsy a while ago.




Yes. Two cutting mats. One green. This one I keep on my desk. It’s red, of course! And I know you will like how the completed picture turns out. (there is even a “side” of blue!) . . .


I hope you like it as much as I do!  It seems to be right at home against the soft yellow of the wall. The yellow is named “Compatible Cream”, the frame I painted “Dill”, both by Sherwin Williams. I want the job naming colors. Wouldn’t that be great fun?

Getting the studio pretty is SURE to guarantee more production, more sewing, and I am super excited for that. My soul is pleading with me to sew. Soon. Soon it will happen!




Quilting is on my mind…what colors you ask? EASY . . . Green, Red, with a side of Blue. Probably.

A cross-stitches-transparent