I bet you thought I was going to talk about FISH!   Though I do have many pictures of those . . .


Oh my . . . all the Salmon! Geez! (and reason enough to purchase a second refrigerator).

But no, today’s catch was more simple. No necessary trips to Lake Michigan. No need to gas up the boat. Just a simple two stops at my favorite vegetable sellers near home.

I’ve been frequenting them as I usually do at this time of year for the multitudes of delicious home-grown tomatoes. And today I was able to snatch up some extra goodies.





Not only was I able to buy tomatoes, but I also purchased beautiful zinnias, corn on the cob, and even eggs! A treasure!


And I  left the mud/dirt on the tomatoes. I thought you would enjoy their freshness even more! Yes, the summer home-grown tomato is one of God’s best ideas!

AND . . . I took the time to pull two beautiful fabric pieces to show you. I used the blue colorway to use as a tablecloth under my “catch of the day”. But I have a little piece of the same fabric in yellow. They are from Moda Fabrics by one of my favorite designers, Sandy Klop. American Jane is the name of her company. She uses all the bright, vintagy colors I love. This line is no longer being made, very hard to find;  its called Wee Play. I was SO fortunate to discover a piece from this Etsy seller. She was nice enough to send me an extra 1/4 yard of the yard that I ordered … it was her last . . . the end of the bolt. Isn’t it beautiful?


Thank you Sandy — this was a “catch” too!  If you are “into” fabrics and want to read more, here is her website.


Hmmm . . . thinking about dinner tonight . . . it’s a cinch!

  1. Salmon on the grill
  2. Corn on the cob
  3. Fresh sliced tomatoes

Don’t you just L.O.V.E. summer?

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