Today is a good day to be inside. A bit chilly. A bit rainy. A very dreary sky…so I boiled water for tea which always tastes better with an Emma Bridgewater mug (I thank Susan Branch for educating many of us on matters of this nature.) And now that my computer has been repaired and reloaded, glitches hopefully ironed out thanks to my technologically minded son (whom I can never thank enough!) … on we go! …and I must add, every year I become more technically challenged, am I alone in this???

Ahhh yes, the season is changing… fall HAS been scattered with days of beauty. Meaning — the sun has come out to grace our poor sunshine deprived souls! As we all know in Michigan, our summer did not bring in quite enough warmth and sunshine. Yet even days with no sun have brought us a delightful autumn to enjoy.


Two times in the last few weeks I have received sweet suggestions. The first was about two weeks ago when a dear friend, having taken time out herself to visit a park and enjoy bench sitting, suggested that I should go out myself that day and enjoy the beauty. I DID! I drove down the road just a few miles to Lake Lansing Park. The color was JUST beginning to change. The solitude … it was the middle of week; I was actually the only one there … it was so quiet, the trees so majestic, I loved it!




I DID find a bench…good for sitting and pondering and inhaling the beauty…


This building years ago housed a vintage musical carousel…my three children were able to ride it before it was moved away. šŸ™


Then late last week my daughter, after being at Michigan State University for a business meeting, told me how GORGEOUS campus was, the leaves on many of the trees had become a show not to be missed. So Friday I did make that visit. I did not miss the beauty. The MSU campus has soooo many old, big, twisty and low-limbed trees. They are beautiful even without the show of color. But with the fire-red and yellows and oranges with the backdrop of greens and the dark limbs of the trees, well,Ā  it was all the more beautiful.

I drove onto the campus the “back way” as I call it. There is a tree on College Road (appropriately named!) that I admire andĀ  have been wanting to take its picture. This time I was prepared with my camera, so I pulled to the side of the road, emergency flashers on, hopped out and quickly shot a picture or two.


Can you see why this tree intrigues me!? Don’t you just love it?


I made my way onto West Circle Drive. This view was across from the library. I couldn’t take the picture then…too many cars…but I knew then I HAD to find a parking place (a tough task on the MSU campus). So I worked around, there was a slight deviation marked off on the road; I COULD POSSIBLY have spotted Batman as they were filming the newest movie last week at the garish looking new art museum (my opinion only), but really … have you seen it? But hey, Batman likes it, so maybe I should give it a chance!

Anyway… circling back around I scored! A parking spot. I’m sure it was just for me! So in spite of a slight drizzle/mist I had the most lovely, beautiful walk, camera over shoulder, no books in hand. Thinking to myself that many years ago, I went to this school, lived in the nearby dorms and walked around this area…but I digress! I’ll be quiet and just show you some well-intentionedĀ  pictures that in no way can capture the beauty of the day. But I couldn’t help trying. šŸ™‚





Doesn’t this low limb look inviting for a sit upon?








Then . . .





Okay, when my tour ended, I headed back, knowing that there was a photograph I needed to take. On my way to campus after viewing my awesome MSU spirit tree, there were the most gorgeous black cattle –their darkness popping out against the light colored cornfield-AND with a dark hazy sky in the background. . . And look, a bonus, a bird flock up above them. (I have a new friend, I think he liked me…maybe his name is Blackie…though somehow that doesn’t seem quite right for him. It might be more of a horse name!) I’m glad there was a nice, strong fence between us!

Time to head home. I am thankful for the sweet suggestions. Beauty in my own backyard. You should try to get out and stroll or even find a park bench. Maybe a low-limbed tree. It was great! You, too, will have a wonderful time.


A cross-stitches-transparent