How was YOUR Halloween?


We have way too much candy left. So sorry for the trick-or-treaters…this year’s Halloween was cold, wet, and windy. But a few strong-minded children made it through, braved the weather and graced us with their excited smiles. Funny how candy and dressing up can drive up the spirit!

A weekend  a week ago however, the weather was amazing! Sunny, crisp but mild — just the type of weather to encourage Mister C and I to go on a little trip to Grand Haven, Michigan. It was nice to get away. It was also nice to see the beautiful Michigan Fall splendor of color, even though past “perfection” of color, we LOVED it! And when Michigan gets the BLUE sky, its even better!


First we checked into our hotel. It has it’s own slips for docking. Winter’s coming has diminished the boat population! After checking in then driving to the cute little town of Grand Haven, finding a place for lunch and a look-around was in order.




This was the only shot I took of the restaurant we chose. (I was too hungry to think clearly). It was in an old building with two restaurants, owned by the same people I think. We went in the one that was open! 🙂 The Kirby House! Delicious!



No one at the beach. Even the winter fences have been put in place. . .





Ahh, the local farmers market! We decided we needed some of the bounty. The Honey Crisp apples were the best!


Not only the trees showed orange…also the beautiful sunset (with a sliver of moon)…

Now a week later, most of our leaves are down…and we have our own moon view from the front yard. Not a water view…but I love it all the same. It’s always good to be home!


And this picture, taken the day AFTER Halloween has the blue sky again … where was it on Halloween day!!??

(it’s dangerous having so many M & M’s in the house!)

A cross-stitches-transparent