“Big Blue” had his debut yesterday afternoon. Nope. Not my favorite vintage blue colander I picked up from eBay a couple of years ago…


Big Blue is the most beautiful morning glory blue in the whole world (and that encompasses a lot of blues)! … officially, he’s “blue willow”. But I prefer “morning glory blue.”

Can you guess what Mister C gave me for Christmas?

Macys-Box-1-15The box was bigger than it needed to be. Though I will admit, it added to my excitement. I did know it was coming … but my color had to be ordered and didn’t arrive until after Christmas.




Ta Da !!! Don’t you just love him! I surely do!

I would like to add that Mister C could not have done this deed without a LOT of elf work from our BEE. Daughters were born so that mothers would be able to receive gifts. Proven fact! Thank you BEE !!!





A lot of this hullabaloo about the mixer is my need to accept the fact that I can no longer eat “regular” food. It is not an option for me to eat gluten any more. My health is now immensely better–but not eating gluten is more than an annoyance. It is changing the way you live. I’ve decided finally after a year and a half of avoiding gluten entirely that I need to embrace the fact that it is now what has to be. I’ve dropped the anger that I held on to for too long. Now I’m trying to embrace the fact that gluten-free is the way it is and I want to bake a little so I can EAT GOOD THINGS AGAIN !!! My sweet tooth has been dying over here! — not that you can’t buy a few selected baked goods…but they ARE from the grocery store if you get my drift. And try going to a restaurant and trying to order a desert with no gluten. Of course it would help if I could eat dairy, but I’m allergic to that. It’s challenging.


So we’ll see how this baking thing goes. Big Blue will be my friend. And how could I not love HIM, he’s the most gorgeous shade of blue!

Thank you Mister C for my wonderful gift … and for tolerating gluten free food!

By the way, the Banana Bread was delicious. It’s from the cookbook, “Cooking for Isaiah Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free,” by Silvana Nardone.



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