The infamous weather stick on the back of the house. I like to show it to you when it’s summertime. When it is pointing up! …as you can see though, yesterday it was not happily pointing up, so yes a little more snow. But our treasured weather stick WILL point upwards even in the winter. (on those rare instances when the sun comes out!)




Through the window of my sewing room, it did look  like a “marshmallow world”. I must have cut these from one of Susan Branch’s  calendars. I came upon them doing a little filing. If you look hard you will see it says “It’s a marshmallow world in the winter”, like the song! (I don’t know why I save these things…I think it’s because they make me happy.)  🙂


Sometimes I have to remind myself that the snowfall, the stillness, the fluffy white is beautiful. It is now. It is February.

“Winter is the king of showmen

Turning tree  stumps into snow men

And houses into birthday cakes

And spreading sugar over lakes

Smooth and clean and frosty white . . .”

                                                                     Ogden Nash



A cross-stitches-transparent