IKEA. Have you experienced IKEA? It’s  a treat. It’s certainly an adventure.


Yup. Crazy. All kinds of people, children in tow, buzzing along, looking, browsing, on missions, maybe even there just for the entertainment!


It is SO big, there are arrows on the floor to show you the way.

Start on the second floor. Follow the arrows through the showrooms, write on the provided note paper what item you want to purchase and its location code (if it’s a large item or furniture). Next comes the area where you can actually pick out items. This is down again to the first floor. Here you get your shopping cart. There are lots and lots and lots of bright, fun, useful, and very low priced goodies. THEN comes the warehouse portion. Big carts are provided and you find the isle you had written down earlier. This requires useful detective skills. Use all your muscles to retrieve the item, somehow get it on your platform cart. Finally, join the crowd heading for the zillion checkouts.


Buy those items. And good luck getting to your car (finding your car). Of course, the parking lot is also  massive.

It’s FUN, yet exhausting! I recommend you know what you’re looking for before you go! And do go with a friend…teamwork is definitely required! 🙂


How are your furniture assembling skills?

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