As the color outside turns from green to red, yellow and orange, thoughts of comfort (especially sweet) food show up without fail! Yesterday I thought about chocolate :-),  thereby I decided to bake brownies. From scratch. You know, the really good ones, the ones that dirty all the bowls, spoons, measuring cups, etc. etc. in the entire kitchen, requiring unwanted dish-washing. But SO worth it! Of course chocolate craving is non-seasonal. (Actually, chocolate requirement is every-seasonal–I’m sure I’m not alone with this!) I am usually content to fill that requirement with  a quick trip to my kitchen’s pantry, where always in residence are dark chocolate Dove’s, the one’s with the red wrapper. They reside there in a vintagey looking clear jar with a painted red lid. Eat dinner, need dessert, go to the pantry; they are faithfully on the shelf. (It’s not a secret anymore!) But actually baking a chocolate goodie is another matter. That’s a fall onset thing. You ALL know that our ovens start getting used more and more as the summer ends and colder crisper days appear.




The recipe said to cool in the pan before cutting. Like THAT was going to happen!

The changing season thing has also made me hungry for apple pie. I love apple pie. I’ve not tried making a gluten free pie crust yet, but apple crisp is a close second. PLUS a little apple baking provided me an opportunity to use my new toy. So last Sunday was its debut!


It WORKED!!! A little challenging to figure out … but once I did, it was crazy fun. Ann Marie was home, she had to try it out. Even Mr. C wanted a turn. It’s the coolest thing, it works great! Peeling and slicing apples always seemed tedious, well, this is the solution! It does both at the same time simply with a turn of the handle! You are going to want to get one!



And the result . . .


Delicious. It was the perfect dessert for our Sunday dinner … and even better for breakfast the next day 🙂 !!!

So my friends — Enjoy the autumn! Pre-heat those ovens!  Do the dishes!  Indulge just a little! It’s tradition at this time of year!

Do you think there is a direct relationship to cooler weather and the sweet tooth? … hmmm …

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