Were your trick-or-treaters out in last evenings rain? The weatherman needs to work on the timing thing. Earlier in the week, it was so beautiful … I found myself taking a photo of the very blue, sunshiny sky. It seldom gets this deep shade of perfect blue here in the heart of Michigan. And against the orangish leaves — LOVE it!


Such was NOT the case on last evening’s Halloween. The trick-or-treaters had a light rain to begin with, but then a heavy, hard rain for the remaining hour. Such troopers those children were (and their brave, often costumed themselves, parents … lingering at curbside with umbrellas held for protection as they mouthed “thank you!”)!!! Though we were really the ones who should have thanked them for bringing Mister C and I the smiling, determined and still enthusiastic children to our door for warming our hearts with the parade of smiles!  And here we were the ones tucked warm inside the house.





Yes, we were safely tucked in the nice, warm house, with the fragrance of Susan Branch’s recipe for (Not Just the Regular) STEW simmering on the stove top. I’ve made it before. A step-up from the chili I usually make for Halloween evening 🙂 !!! Kind of time-consuming, but well worth it.


And, of course, for dessert was a left over Reese’s cup. Turnout of Trick-or-Treaters was lower than my projected candy purchase.


Hope your Halloween evening was warm, dry, and filled with the treats of children’s smiling faces!

A cross-stitches-transparent