My car is a little a lot old. He’s taking a bit of a rest; it is well deserved. He’s been the best to me. For years. And years. I hope he is resting well at the shop. Since they won’t even get to look at him until tomorrow, it’ll give him that much more time. I REALLY want him to be okay; I like him that much in spite of his age.  Yes, he’s been a very good, reliable friend to me over the years. Saturday was the first time he has ever given me trouble.

I was on my way to Ann Arbor, traveling along my favorite route . . .a country road. I love looking at the rural farmside views. I was highly anticipating a fun-filled day visiting Ann Marie. But then . . . car failure. After my little drama situation of attempting to pass a very large and very slow moving piece of farm equipment  (whew, SO glad it WAS slow so I could still get around it, no head on crashes today!), I safely pulled onto the shoulder of M-52. It was done. I was stuck in Stockbridge.


To me, it was in the middle of no-where. But I was safe. Yet NOT where I wanted to be.

Change of plans.

Ann Marie drove from Ann Arbor to rescue me. AAA’s tow truck drove from Leslie to tow my car to the shop in Williamston, 37 miles away. Ann Marie’s rescue service was way quicker than AAA’s tow company.



As you can see, Ann Marie and I had entertainment to watch as we waited. Right across the street from where we were waiting and waiting and waiting for the tow truck. Even some far away “cock-a-doodle-dos” for an added bonus!

The tow man DID come at long last. He took my car to the auto shop our family has used for years. Ann Marie and I drove back to my house. We did stop for lunch on the way home. She then had to return to Ann Arbor. Not the day we planned, but of course we enjoyed each others company. THANK YOU ANN MARIE !!!!!

And now, I have to wait for news on my Highlander . . .

Did YOU have any adventures on Saturday?

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