Birds and flowers all


That you are just the

one for me

I wish you a very lovely Valentine’s Day filled with warmth and friendship!!!

I also wish I could tell you who designed this beautiful Valentine’s Day themed fabric that my new pincushion sits upon. But since I bought it as a fat quarter years ago, it doesn’t have a selvage edge to tell me. Though I do think its beautiful! And I’m proud to have finished the little ladybug pincushion. Sunday here was a very snowy, gray day . . . it called for a little sewing project! Since it is red, it looked a little valentine-y so thought I would share it with you.

I have another little piece of Valentine’s Day fabric that I’ve made a table center out of. I pull it out for February each year. This year I was blessed enough to set the table for all my children last week. Out it came!

One of our dishes with dinner was a favorite, AND EASY!!! Susan Branch’s recipe for Tomato Soup. You should give it a try, it is delicious!



MORE VINTAGE !!! A girl sometimes has to buy a vintage valentine or two when antiquing. This one on its flip side says it was to “Alice from Geraldine”, spelled out in beautiful cursive writing. It looks right at home on Emma Bridgewater pottery. Since I love hearts, I’m allowed to be heart-filled and frilly at this time of year. Enjoy today and every day. Give a hug to someone you love.

Thanks for stopping by!