Oh, I am SO glad you stopped by!

Always having been polite, a little introduction seems in order. My name is Cheryl. Together with my husband Mister C, and my sweet old tabby, Max Cat, we share a home nestled in the center of Michigan.  I deeply love my family, I’m so blessed they all live nearby.  I also love dear friendships, fabrics, tomatoes, vintage dishes, cooking, morning glories that are the most beautiful shade of blue, designing, sewing, shopping for things I need and don’t need, gift giving, sunshine, hugs, and dark chocolate.

Let’s get to know each other. I’ll ramble on and on, show you some pretty pictures; we’ll share cups of good coffee. (or glasses of iced tea!) We can sit in my green dot studio . . . Please come back and visit me. Leave a comment. I’d LOVE to get to know YOU!



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