Were your trick-or-treaters out in last evenings rain? The weatherman needs to work on the timing thing. Earlier in the week, it was so beautiful … I found myself taking a photo of the very blue, sunshiny sky. It seldom gets this deep shade of perfect blue here in the heart of Michigan. And against … Continue Reading

  As the color outside turns from green to red, yellow and orange, thoughts of comfort (especially sweet) food show up without fail! Yesterday I thought about chocolate :-),  thereby I decided to bake brownies. From scratch. You know, the really good ones, the ones that dirty all the bowls, spoons, measuring cups, etc. etc. … Continue Reading

How was YOUR Halloween? We have way too much candy left. So sorry for the trick-or-treaters…this year’s Halloween was cold, wet, and windy. But a few strong-minded children made it through, braved the weather and graced us with their excited smiles. Funny how candy and dressing up can drive up the spirit! A weekend  a … Continue Reading

Today is a good day to be inside. A bit chilly. A bit rainy. A very dreary sky…so I boiled water for tea which always tastes better with an Emma Bridgewater mug (I thank Susan Branch for educating many of us on matters of this nature.) And now that my computer has been repaired and … Continue Reading

Beautiful autumn.   Clearly, the weatherman was a little mixed up today. As I was driving away from the house today, the sun was out, BUT snow was falling! It didn’t last but a few minutes, then the sun was out even more. Then in a blink of the eye, total cloud cover. Off and … Continue Reading

  By popular demand I would like to bring you — RECIPES !!!! Well, actually, I had only ONE request for the recipes from my last blog. One of my VERY good friends. But she IS popular!!!  🙂 So since I love her, AND since I thought YOU might want recipes for last Sunday’s cook … Continue Reading

I always thought it was the crisp cool days of autumn that brought on the desire to start cooking again at summers end…   Clearly, the trees are turning. Such a beautiful display of colors. There are still more that need to continue their transition into autumnal hues. It’s been so warm the last couple … Continue Reading

  Monday morning I had the need for MORE tomatoes. Ours were gone. Mister C and I had managed to eat through my pile of tomatoes from last week. The day was certainly autumnal. Overcast as well. There was the promise of sunshine.  This farm. So green. So many gnarly, huge trees. Quaint. I hope … Continue Reading

Thanksgiving’s carb-fest is over !!! It was worth all of the over indulging, don’t you agree?   Oh, I will so miss all the carbs (especially the mashed potatoes) and the sweetness of apple pie . . . Save

I think I mentioned promised that I would share my towering chocolate cake-from scratch-recipe with you. It’s been days and finally I mustered up the ambition to type it out for you. I’ll also show you (after the cake recipe) the recipe for Susan Branch’s Pecan Spinach Orzo salad that I pictured on my last … Continue Reading