The autumn season is continuing onward. November has arrived, and though cooler days are ahead it seems okay. Flipping the calendar page over again, every month when it turns to the next, always brings a startling reaction, how? How can it be a new month and where did the old one go? And always … Continue Reading

This week it was time to add a mum or two to the residence!   It was SO difficult to decide, there were too many colors to make a decision, but after looking at every one, at least twice . . . AND a trip to get a few pumpkins . . . So now … Continue Reading

I do hope you were able to enjoy this beautiful autumny weekend!   As the days begin to cool down a little, we’ve been so blessed to continue to have sunshine. The changes are subtle day by day and then they become so very apparent …  less sunlight … the beautiful play of shadows upon … Continue Reading

Good Grief! Are the squirrels around your house as nut happy as mine!? Our back yard is lined with nut (hickory?) trees. They are tall and majestic, almost forming a non-stop canopy for squirrel racing Olympics. It goes on all summer. The racing and chattering; but in autumn … they go absolutely crazy! The racing … Continue Reading

  There has been a lot of cookie making over the years at my house. A LOT of cookies have been baked and eaten. Ah, yes. Many years of cookies. Raising three children, supporting, of course, a very popular Cookie Monster (Sesame Street was a big deal at our household) and a self-admitted giant sweet … Continue Reading

When did THAT happen? Autumn coming? Leaves turning? I KNOW it finally rained a little the last few days . . . But WHEN did those leaves on my Service Berry Trees start to turn? And then a girl goes to the grocery store and . . . WHAT? Mums? ALREADY? Oh, COME ON !!!!! … Continue Reading