True. Our sweet pets know when we are leaving. They especially know something is up when the luggage comes out of hiding. He’s better now. We’re home! Wow…was it good escaping Michigan’s not-so-perfect early spring weather last week! Look at his sad little face. He’s laying on my sweater. “Maybe this will keep her home”, … Continue Reading

Every day . . . get up, feed Max the Cat, pour coffee, look out kitchen window … “WAIT, WHAT IS THAT ?” Grab camera. Darn, he moved. I am patient (surprisingly, before coffee to have patience), I’m determined.   Just a black squirrel you ask? Just wait. . . He moved. In addition to … Continue Reading

My house has been reduced from a two-cat house to a one-cat house. Everyone loves Percy. But Percy didn’t love Max. (I choose to believe he didn’t WANT to be mean to Max, but really, he WAS mean to Max.) It wasn’t always that way. Who knows, maybe old age, but it wasn’t good. So … Continue Reading

Hi, hi! You’ve met Max cat before.  He’s thinking, “oh no, she’s taking my picture again!” Max is not too, well “cooperative” when it comes to getting photographed. He’s actually bothered by it as you can see by his expression. He’s not exactly our social butterfly.  He likes being loved (although he likes canned food … Continue Reading

You mean it’s over? Wow, it sure went fast! Hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours.

  Percy cat looks lovely with blue, don’t you think? He’s kind of wacky…like the “bees” and “bugs” in this pot!   He likes being wacky, us…not so much.  He thinks he’s a dog, us…we know better (the incessant meow/howl sound he emits is a dead give-a-way!!!)  Sometimes he can be very sweet. Like when … Continue Reading

This is the only photo I’ve ever taken of the cat boys, BOTH awake, BOTH looking forward, with neither one walking away from the camera.  Yeah, it’s fuzzy, but you can’t ask for EVERYTHING! Back to my vignette of spring colors from the other day … no I didn’t forget, guess I’ve been too busy … Continue Reading