Ah, beautiful brides. Ah, handsome grooms. Ahhhh LOVE !!! Ahhhhhhhhh WEDDINGS !!! This weekend Mister C. and I and our families had a wedding filled weekend. My weekend was spent in Detroit. Mister C. spent part in Indianapolis and Detroit. A a nephew getting married in one city, a niece getting married in another! … Continue Reading

Oh, July, where have you gone?!! The beautiful, warm, hot, rainy, sunny, steamy … month of July has buzzed by.       payday loan payment calculator So very, very fast. So very many things to behold. July was a full month. A celebration of the 4th with dear family members. The goings on of … Continue Reading

Easter-time is upon us!!!!!!!!! I don’t know about YOU, but any holiday that has anything to do with candy — Count me in!!! As you can see, I’m ready ! ! ! ANY excuse to buy candy makes me (and my sweet tooth) very happy. Easter brings out hope. Hope for (not just candy), but … Continue Reading

  Are you ready? The time is NOW! A new START! A fresh BEGINNING! Another chance. Clear horizons, New Year’s resolutions, packing away of Christmas decorations, the fresh clean look of a fresh clean year–all signs of the ability for us each to reinvent ourselves to aspire to the greatness that life affords us. Clouds … Continue Reading

  A time to love. A time to reflect. A time for thanksgivings. Amidst the rush for finishing up the details we expect to complete, gifts, wrapping, meal preparations, traveling, ALL the things we strive to complete to make CHRISTMAS the ultimately perfect experience that it always is . . . Today is the day … Continue Reading

In more ways than one . . . It’s about time that the snow came! It IS beginning to look a lot like Christmas! We all knew that since Santa was coming to town soon, the snow would HAVE to come. And come it did (not lots), but very blowy and blustery, there it was … Continue Reading

Thanksgiving’s carb-fest is over !!! It was worth all of the over indulging, don’t you agree?   Oh, I will so miss all the carbs (especially the mashed potatoes) and the sweetness of apple pie . . . Save

  When I took this picture, I was going to tell you all about how my “things” are now becoming less. I was going to tell you all about how my daughter has been helping me sort through things that have needed sorting out for a long time. I was going to tell you how … Continue Reading

Pink . . . a girl kind of color, don’t you agree?   The stork has delivered three girl-babies to my family this year.  Three grandnieces to join the family! The photos above were from the newest girl-baby-grandniece gift!  Her shower was last week. The baby shower was lovely. My new grand niece is beautiful … Continue Reading

What a day! Fabu-licious! Funa-licious! Yuma-licious! (you see this could go on and on, don’t you?) I know. I’m thinking the recipe for a VERY “all of the above day” would be as follows:  (oh, first I just have to show you the photos I took of this delightful-licious day) … a feast of cuteness … Continue Reading