Don’t you just love leftovers? These little guys are such troopers, all lined up, they have no idea what’s in store for them. Easter Day is in the past for this season, and soon these will be too. Hope your Easter was blessed, filled with hope, family, friends, love (and a little fun)  ! ! !

Yes, yes, I am back   . . .  from my trip to see my sweet daughter in Annapolis! I’ve been back a week; it took me a while to make time for downloading a few of the photos from the trip. Ooooh, the photo is a little blurry, but here’s the Capitol at night. … Continue Reading

Today is “Super Bowl Sunday”.  To many of us, its all about the food.  And the awesome commercials. Although I’m not a big football fan, its easy to get excited about the festivities surrounding the Super Bowl game. loans for people receiving unemployment benefits Traditionally it’s been a good excuse to enjoy a dinner of … Continue Reading

All throughout the Christmas Season, I had help in the kitchen. Right there, right on top of my stove they stood.  Her with her platter of freshly baked cookies.  Him with a cookie and cup of coffee (maybe it’s cocoa, but I like to think it’s coffee).  They were a pair of HAPPY, sharing with … Continue Reading

Don’t you LOVE new beginnings? And, of course, I LOVE Susan Branch!  She’s my hero and inspiration! (I thought my little birdie looked kind of like the one she painted on her new 2012 calendar! So off went the Christmas ornaments from my tiny feather tree and on went Mr. Birdie!) A few years ago … Continue Reading

You mean it’s over? Wow, it sure went fast! Hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours.

Silent Night . . . So classically beautiful.  This song is Christmas to me.     “Silent Night” IS Christmas to me.  As a young girl I have loving memories of Christmas Eve Midnight Service, the last song of the evening being Silent Night.  Sung by candles only after the choir had gathered at the … Continue Reading

I’ve already made the lists, at least most of them. Now I have to check them twice. It’s almost here! Max the cat is helping me! There’s so much to do.  But it doesn’t really seem to faze Max, does it? EUROSPAOFNAPLES.COM/LUX/expressed confusion about this

Wow!  (as Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby said in the movie, White Christmas, “wow is somewhere in between ouch and boing.”)  Yes, I watched my favorite Christmas movie last night as I FINALLY decorated my Christmas Tree.  So, WOW, I finally finished my Christmas decorating.  I was REALLY slow this year.  I guess that’s okay. … Continue Reading

My car has the fragrance of Christmas!   I almost don’t want to take them out to decorate them.  It smells soooooo good inside my car with them in there! We have (several years ago) succumbed to having an artificial Christmas tree, so having wreaths not only on the outside of our doors, but also throughout the … Continue Reading