I bet you thought I was going to talk about FISH!   Though I do have many pictures of those . . . Oh my . . . all the Salmon! Geez! (and reason enough to purchase a second refrigerator). But no, today’s catch was more simple. No necessary trips to Lake Michigan. No need to … Continue Reading

Hello hello hello . . . I might as well start out with this gorgeous BLUE sky, the “side of blue”  in my title. Michigan can be so very beautiful . . . especially when the sky loses its gray overcast tendencies and becomes brilliant blue! A day filled with sunshine . . . helpful … Continue Reading

Hello all !!! It’s soooooo cold outside. But wanting to warm your heart today … here’s a couple of pictures of a little something I made for a dear girlfriend of mine last week. I told her it was to celebrate her birthday. BUT, what a great excuse to celebrate our friendship! (as you can … Continue Reading

Pink . . . a girl kind of color, don’t you agree?   The stork has delivered three girl-babies to my family this year.  Three grandnieces to join the family! The photos above were from the newest girl-baby-grandniece gift!  Her shower was last week. The baby shower was lovely. My new grand niece is beautiful … Continue Reading

Lavender is oh so lovely! THIS lavender belongs to my friend . . . (I have none 🙁 )  So I’ve been invited ANY TIME I LIKE to skip over to my friend’s house and “have at it” — all I want! A few mornings ago, that is just what I did!  Like a little … Continue Reading

I was thinking how much I LOVE fabric.  I like to touch it, hold it, look at it, dream of what I could sew out of it. Visions of the colors, the textures, the patterns, all dance in my mind. Fabric inspires me. Fabric excites me. Poets must feel like that about words.  

Okay, I spent HOURS in my basement yesterday, realizing how many HOURS I must have spent selecting ALL the fabrics I have collected over the years . . . I’m sure that ANY organizing book would suggest not to get bogged down by organizing, and take time to use what it is you are organizing. … Continue Reading

Good morning today.  Since I had to get up earlier than I am used to (to meet an appointment with the auto repair shop), I’m thinking one more cup is what I need.   Then . . . back to the basement clean up and sort thing. Have another cup yourself this morning.  The sun … Continue Reading

Happy Tuesday morning everyone!  Yesterday was one more day that I worked on my basement sort out/clean out project. I’m making progress.  Slowly.  It’s hard doing it “marathon style”, so I’m trying to spend only a few hours a day at it. Look what I found yesterday! This beautiful hankie was tucked away in a … Continue Reading

There is this, and this, this too, and even way more. If you are like me, you’ll understand. If not, what you do understand is that I have a problem!!!!! I know I am not alone with this affliction, I know other seamstresses/crafters buy and buy and buy. (I think I am referring to the … Continue Reading