As the color outside turns from green to red, yellow and orange, thoughts of comfort (especially sweet) food show up without fail! Yesterday I thought about chocolate :-),  thereby I decided to bake brownies. From scratch. You know, the really good ones, the ones that dirty all the bowls, spoons, measuring cups, etc. etc. … Continue Reading

Uh huh, w.i.n.t.e.r. Regular life is going along . . . I’ve been working on using my big blue mixer and mixing up some wonderful things. Including cake 🙂 !!! Gluten Free! My mother, years ago, taught me to eat cake for breakfast. It’s so good. Well, when is cake NOT good? Yes, we’ve joined … Continue Reading

I bet you thought I was going to talk about FISH!   Though I do have many pictures of those . . . Oh my . . . all the Salmon! Geez! (and reason enough to purchase a second refrigerator). But no, today’s catch was more simple. No necessary trips to Lake Michigan. No need to … Continue Reading

What? huh? …I am referring to my recent visit to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. I LOVE fresh veggies! …and ALL the goods that are sold at our local farmer’s market. I just don’t love crowds. It messes me up! I tend to run. Fast! Yet this week I made it through, am still alive … Continue Reading

Oh yes, it IS winter. REALLY winter. VERY, VERY, REALLY winter!!!   Yes, its happening some more. This weekend a giant snowstorm was forecast and correctly predicted. Mister C is getting a head start. Stages. Blow the snow away in stages! [pullquote style=”right” quote=”dark”]I don’t venture out much during a storm. Who does?[/pullquote]  So you’ll … Continue Reading

How did this happen? Seems like yesterday this grill had an important job to do for Thanksgiving. And it did. Successfully! That was only three weeks ago!   Now it is Mid December! I haven’t been blogging for a while. One thing contributing to that ..  you’ll see my blog doesn’t look like itself … … Continue Reading

  By popular demand I would like to bring you — RECIPES !!!! Well, actually, I had only ONE request for the recipes from my last blog. One of my VERY good friends. But she IS popular!!!  🙂 So since I love her, AND since I thought YOU might want recipes for last Sunday’s cook … Continue Reading

I always thought it was the crisp cool days of autumn that brought on the desire to start cooking again at summers end…   Clearly, the trees are turning. Such a beautiful display of colors. There are still more that need to continue their transition into autumnal hues. It’s been so warm the last couple … Continue Reading

  Monday morning I had the need for MORE tomatoes. Ours were gone. Mister C and I had managed to eat through my pile of tomatoes from last week. The day was certainly autumnal. Overcast as well. There was the promise of sunshine.  This farm. So green. So many gnarly, huge trees. Quaint. I hope … Continue Reading

Oh yes, you read it right. A.d.d.i.c.t.i.o.n !!! Face it, we all have one. (or two!) It’s not hard to discover. There are tell tale signs all over my house. The salt shaker is in the window. Waiting. You never know when it might be needed. After all it is the season. The little red … Continue Reading