Welcome to our world.   Enough already!!!!!  Max has had it. Poor Max. Construction and chaos are not his friends! Mister C and I are on the verge of running away ourselves. I HAVE mentioned that a few renovations are occurring at the house?!? (I think in every room. . .) (Yes, we are out … Continue Reading

It’s officially SPRING today. Really? Cold, yes. Windy, yes. Snowy, yes. BUT IT IS SPRING!  March 20, 2013. WE ARE READY!!!!! Birdies have been trying to chirp about it (but not today). Every single one of us who live here in Mid-Michigan are p.l.e.a.d.i.n.g with the weather man about it. It’s time to give us … Continue Reading

ALWAYS, on a cold winter day, and it has been excessively cold here in Michigan the last few days, a good cup of nice hot coffee is often the go-to solution to warm the body and soul.   Do you have a favorite brand of coffee? I thought I did, yet now I am not … Continue Reading

Thanksgiving’s carb-fest is over !!! It was worth all of the over indulging, don’t you agree?   Oh, I will so miss all the carbs (especially the mashed potatoes) and the sweetness of apple pie . . . Save

I think I mentioned promised that I would share my towering chocolate cake-from scratch-recipe with you. It’s been days and finally I mustered up the ambition to type it out for you. I’ll also show you (after the cake recipe) the recipe for Susan Branch’s Pecan Spinach Orzo salad that I pictured on my last … Continue Reading

I was thinking that I’ve been talking about food too much lately. Yet since I was asked for details on my recent post about roast beef in the crockpot, I would like to share a recipe or 2 today! POT ROAST BEEF for the Crockpot 2 1/2 pound Beef Chuck Roast (any size will work) … Continue Reading

Believe it or not, “What Not to Wear”, the T.V. show, has improved my cooking! It’s such a small little tidbit I learned, but YUM, what a difference. Would you like me to explain? Today was to be filled with errands. A good day for a Crock Pot meal! Isn’t it so nice to come … Continue Reading

Or is it thank you Mrs. Reynolds? However we look at this giant miracle, whomever did invent aluminum foil, I applaud you.  ALL cooks across the land applaud you!  Especially those cooks who hate to wash dishes. You can also surmise from these photos that I highly admire the butternut squash! Oh yes.   Save

  There has been a lot of cookie making over the years at my house. A LOT of cookies have been baked and eaten. Ah, yes. Many years of cookies. Raising three children, supporting, of course, a very popular Cookie Monster (Sesame Street was a big deal at our household) and a self-admitted giant sweet … Continue Reading

I’ve always wanted to make a BLT SALAD.  BLT sandwiches are so good, how could you go wrong with a BLT salad? I think a lot has to do with a certain book I fell in love with years ago. (yah, yah, I know you thought I was going to say it has a lot … Continue Reading