Yes, my friends know me well. Do YOU see a trend here? (yesterday I spoke of another sugar fest…) I think I am the most blessed girl EVER to have such good, dear, kind and loving friends. The fact that they know I love sugar is a bonus. Thank you my dear friends, for the … Continue Reading

What a day! Fabu-licious! Funa-licious! Yuma-licious! (you see this could go on and on, don’t you?) I know. I’m thinking the recipe for a VERY “all of the above day” would be as follows:  (oh, first I just have to show you the photos I took of this delightful-licious day) … a feast of cuteness … Continue Reading

I do not fish, and yet (not yet as in, “I will soon be fishing”, or, “I want to go fishing”) … I mean yet as in, “I am not the one to catch the fish, yet somehow I end up doing fishy  things”. You know, like washing fish, cleaning the too many scales on … Continue Reading

It’s TRUE … I’ve made LOTS of cakes in my lifetime. But you know, I have NEVER made a cake from “scratch”. Boxes have always been my way of baking cakes. On Father’s Day yesterday my little life was turned upside down. I made a HOMEMADE chocolate cake . . . For Father’s Day, I … Continue Reading

Don’t you just love leftovers? These little guys are such troopers, all lined up, they have no idea what’s in store for them. Easter Day is in the past for this season, and soon these will be too. Hope your Easter was blessed, filled with hope, family, friends, love (and a little fun)  ! ! !

Today is “Super Bowl Sunday”.  To many of us, its all about the food.  And the awesome commercials. Although I’m not a big football fan, its easy to get excited about the festivities surrounding the Super Bowl game. loans for people receiving unemployment benefits Traditionally it’s been a good excuse to enjoy a dinner of … Continue Reading

“Oh no, I was really late for work yesterday.” The above was what I’d written in my first draft.  I started this post on Friday and had it all ready to go. Oops, I FORGOT TO HIT THE “PUBLISH” button… so I should change the name of this post from “Tick Tock” to something more … Continue Reading

It’s back to basics!  Now that the holidays are behind us, all the fancy food is too.  All the parties, dinners out,  special roasts of beef, seafood, hors d’oeuvres of various sorts, baked cookies, chex mix, homemade cinnamon rolls, all of it! Now it’s back to meatloaf. Though, sometimes the simple things in life can … Continue Reading

The reason for this: Were THESE: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Actually, I can’t take the credit.  I only took the picture!  (and offered encouragement) . . . But after cutting, scooping, washing, draining, spreading on pan, drying (a little), drizzling butter, salt, pepper, AND Old Bay, baking in the oven, THESE DELICIOUS PUMPKIN SEEDS resulted!!! The seeds MUST … Continue Reading

Mmmmmm, if you watch Food Network, or are “in the know”, you know who Bobby Flay is.  That’s how I discovered that he is a chef extraordinaire, a celebrity also, and have finally tasted for myself his delicious food while on vacation in Las Vegas! At Caesars Palace, which is HUGE (and I ALWAYS lose … Continue Reading